Atiyaf Digital Photo Studio

The Wedding Production

Career Skills:




            Bridal shoots & Model shoots

·        Still Photography on different kind of functions.

·        Also Digital Video Operator.

·        Hardware and software Maintenance.

·        Digital Video Editing with  Matrox RTX2-Extreme pro.

·        Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 & CS

·        Liquid Edition 6.0 Sony Vegas 6.0 Pinnacle System.


Personal Status:

Religion              Islam

Marital Status     Single


Professional Experience:


·        20 Years Experience: in  Camraman & Editor :

·        As a Editor in QTV Channel Dr. Israr Ahmed for QTV & ARY.

·        Working in Fox Petroleum in Saudi Arabia as a Hardware Engineer.

·        Samrat Studio as a digital video editing.

·        Still & video Function VHS – SVHS. Also Digital Dv

Owned Business for still & video at Siddiq Trade Centre Gulberg

All analogue video tape players include Time Base Correctors with Digital Noise Reduction to ensure the cleanest digital signal capture vr ster the work in pakistan 1985 to video editing & dv coverage ,

Note:  Image Quality is substantially reduced over the internet.  Actual
quality is that of a DVD when played on your Television or PC.